Specialises in authenticity in helping you find answers and direction, for the important things in your life. Past, Present & future.


"As a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar, we too can transform ourselves to a place of freedom. We are born free and yet we often create or allow cages to be inflicted upon us. Through understanding our "TRUTH" we have the ability to set ourselves FREE and allow our SPIRITS to Soar. Our mission is to help people find their way, for their highest good and the good of all life. Creating happiness and peace within and therefore, one step at a time, happiness and peace on earth. The ultimate BLISS.


" Have you seen the stars tonight, in all their brilliance shining their light.
All over the world for all to see, I'm amazed and in awe that they can just be.
I'm standing here in the shadow of the light, wondering which way's wrong and which way's right,
I begin to realize there's no such thing, It's all in my judgement where perception begins.
That's not why I'm here in my human form, I'm suppose to be happy from the moment I'm born.
Living in harmony with all my surrounds, spreading my wings yet being earth bound.
I remember my journey is to shine bright, so all that see me can't help but see my light.
They too can be whomever they are, shining as brilliantly as the heavenly stars.
Like ripples in the ocean that can never end, we begin to realize such a beautiful blend,
all that's in our world for all to see, and universal Grace is made real through you and through me.
As I gazed upon our moon and It's light, in It's wonderful pool of silvery night,
the cloud wandered over all colours of dreams, a rainbow of light surrounded It's beams.
How amazing this sight it was to behold, like a journey from GOD was about to be told.
Such feelings this vision words can hardly describe, how it felt just to be there alive and inspired.
I knew in my heart it would be alright, as one by one we express all our love and our light.
The "TRUTH" is realized we too will shine bright, across this universal heavenly night.. "

written / (channelled) by Annette Fallon (A Happy Medium)